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When I was a kid I had a Russian camera with fixed 35 mm lens, some Minolta copy as I remember, with an external flash, powered from 220 volts. That could flashed through a brick wall! All manual and very complicated for a kid. I have learned how to use it and always asked my parents to buy me roll of films.

I have took a lot os bad pictures, wasted my parents money, but learned from my mistakes.

Later I had some average SLR cameras with different lenses. Life and things went different directions so I put down  my old cameras. The digital world came and I had only compacts. I did not like to carry big bags and I thought a good compact could serve me well. They did for a while.

Finally I have got a my DSLR and it is time for me to use these excellent tools to show my commitment towards the photography. The modern world is digital so I am. I edit and retouch my photos, color grade them, adjust them as my clients or I want them to see.

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Posted: 2014/02/21


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